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Photosynth – Harrow Harbour

I stumbled across a couple of apps for stitching together photos into a panorama recently. Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor) and the related Microsoft Photosynth for “capturing and viewing the world in 3D”, or rather stiching together loads of photos into a 360 degree panorama that can be explored interactively. Microsoft ICE works better than any other panorama maker I’ve used, though I haven’t felt the need to try many! Photosynth takes things to a different level entirely. See what you think, I reckon we might be making more of them.

This was my second real attempt at a photosynth. Its of Harrow Harbour near the Castle of Mey, on the shores of the Pentland Firth, Caithness. The images were captured on Friday 23rd Sept 2011 during a period of several hours brightness between bands of rain. I should have taken even more photos as the software hasn’t quite joined them seamlessly, but its better than my first effort!

Harrow Harbour, near Mey, Caithness


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